Wiretainers has manufactured everything from Bandicoot traps to the cages that brought the Polar Bears to Seaworld. With over 30 years experience in animal handling and holding cages we are a supplier to Councils, Zoos, Sanctuaries and Reptile Farms all over Australia. We are also the largest producer of live animal traps and mice and rat breeding boxes in Australia.

Cat Banks

Cat Holding Banks made in banks of up to 9 cages and used by many council pounds. The Cat Holding Banks come with a range of door configurations for easy cleaning and safe release or capture. On wheels for easy manoeuvrability.  We also make Transitional Cat Holding cages with 1.5m floor space for longer term Cat Holding.

Cat Carry Cage

The Cat Carry cage is great for transporting domestic cats safely and securely, our cat carry box can also be used for transporting other small domestic animals and is made in Australia. The cat carry cage can also be manufactured from 100 x 25 x 3mm mesh for more Commercial use. Both types have a solid plastic base. Our cat carry cages are used by the Lost Dogs home and Councils.

Cat Crush Cage

The preferred industry method of containing distressed cats for vaccination the Wiretainers designed cat crush cage door aligns with our cat trap door for easy animal transfer.  The cat crush cage has a release door at one end and a mesh slide for easy access through multiple points for needles as required.

Dog Transport Cages (Rigid)

Manufactured by Wiretainers in Preston, these sturdy dog holding cages are powder coated galvanised materials and come with a removable tray and identification plates.

Trap Holding Trolley

Made specifically for short term separation and holding of trapped cats before rehousing.  The trays in our trap holding trolley are removable for cleaning and ease of use.