Castors & Wheels

Wiretainers are able to supply you with a full range of wheels and castors in any size or load rating. Just call the office to discuss your requirements.

Cat Banks

Cat Holding Banks made in banks of up to 9 cages and used by many council pounds. The Cat Holding Banks come with a range of door configurations for easy cleaning and safe release or capture. On wheels for easy manoeuvrability.  We also make Transitional Cat Holding cages with 1.5m floor space for longer term Cat Holding.

Cat Carry Cage

The Cat Carry cage is great for transporting domestic cats safely and securely, our cat carry box can also be used for transporting other small domestic animals and is made in Australia. The cat carry cage can also be manufactured from 100 x 25 x 3mm mesh for more Commercial use. Both types have a solid plastic base. Our cat carry cages are used by the Lost Dogs home and Councils.

Cat Crush Cage

The preferred industry method of containing distressed cats for vaccination the Wiretainers designed cat crush cage door aligns with our cat trap door for easy animal transfer.  The cat crush cage has a release door at one end and a mesh slide for easy access through multiple points for needles as required.

Cat Trap

A specialized cat trap for catching feral cats, as used by Councils and Land Care Groups. This is a very robust cat trap that gets excellent feedback from users everywhere.  Made in Preston, Melbourne Australia, the Wiretainers Cat Trap is easy to set and very reliable.  It also works for kittens.

Size: 710 x 305 x 305mm
Mesh: 25 x 25 x 2.5mm

Clothing Transport Trolley

Clothing Transport Trolley with steering handle.  A fantastic clothing transport trolley for delivering your clothing to store or laundered uniforms back to your customer.  This clothing transport trolley can be made in your company colours and to your specifications.  We make shirt trolleys, skirt trolleys, pants trolleys, coat trolleys, dress trolleys, double rail and single rail trolleys.

Collapsible Stillage

A collapsible stillage is shown here setup and collapsed. When transporting product, this is an excellent way of having far less packaging to backhaul as the stillage collapses to one-fifth its regular size.

Corner Guard/Protector

Corner guard for use around exposed corners or the base of pallet racking to avoid damage or possibly knocking over racking with your forklift.