With the capacity to hold 250kg (two people plus equipment) our safety cage work platform is an ideal method of high access for packing, stocktaking, maintaining or organising your warehouse. Available for hire or sale. We always have one in stock, ready for delivery. Safety harness and lanyard are also available for hire and purchase.

Manufactured to meet and exceed the Australian Standard AS2359.1, our safety cage work platforms dimensions are 1200 x 1200 x 2000mm and it weighs 160kg.
With spring loaded tyne locks for ease of securing the forklift safety cage work platform to the fork lift, our forklift safety cage work platform has an inward opening, spring loaded self closing door, 25 x 25 x 3mm mesh on all sides to stop equipment falling out of the cage if dropped, and inward sloping safety hand rails to prevent climbing on the sides of the forklift safety cage work platform.  Our safety cage also contains no horizontal mid rails that can potentially be used as ladder rungs to gain additional height which can lead to a fall. We have forklift safety cage work platforms available for hire or sale.

We always have a safety cage work platform in stock, ready for delivery. $1200.00 plus gst and freight.

*Workcover authority states that a harness is required to be worn inside a safety cage if the person working in the cage is at risk of a fall. ie: If they are leaning over the side of the cage.