Our Product Catalog

Please contact us to check on availability and sizing of second hand stillages and stackable containers.

Wiretainers are able to supply you with a full range of wheels and castors in any size or load rating.

Cat Banks made to hold up to 9 animals and used by many council pounds. They come with a range of door configurations for easy cleaning and safe release or capture. On wheels.

Finally a commercial grade carry cage, Made with strong and robust 100 x 25 x 3mm mesh and a solid plastic base this is the carry cage used by the Lost Dogs home and City of Councils.

Good for transporting domestic cats safely it can also be used for transporting other small domestic animals.

Our Cat crush cage is the preferred industry method of containing distressed cats for vaccination with a release door at one end and a mesh slide for easy needle access if required.

A specialized cat trap for catching feral cats, as used by Councils and Land Care Groups. Our Australian Made Cat Trap (made in Preston, Melbourne, Australia) is a very robust cat trap that gets excellent feedback from users everywhere. Easy to set, our Cat Trap is the industry standard.

Clothing Transport Trolley with steering handle.  We can make your Clothes Transport Trolley to your specifications, double railings for shirt hanging trolleys, or single railing for dress transport trolleys, in your choice of length and width. We are the trolley manufacturer, so whatever you need we can supply.

When transporting product, this is an excellent way of having far less packaging to backhaul as the stillage collapses to one-fifth its regular size.

For use around exposed corners or the base of pallet racking to avoid damage or possibly knocking over racking with your forklift.

Manufactured by Wiretainers in Preston these sturdy dog transport cages are made from galvanised materials, can be powder coated in your company colours and come with a removable tray.  We can attach identification plates to your dog transport cage also.

Rigid or collapsible Dog traps. These traps are incredibly solid with an external mechanism to avoid damage.  Any rigid trap is sturdier than it's collapsible counterpart, and our rigid dog trap is widely used for trapping feral dogs.

Our drop sided trolley can be made to your specifications with wheels to suit your enviromnent. A very sturdy, robust trolley good for all types of applications it can be made to suit your application.

We make fan guards and core guards of all types and sizes in galvanized, hot dip galvanized and stainless steel finish. Send us your specifications and we will quote for you.

A large sturdy trap for foxes.  Our Australian Made Fox trap is bait basket activated with a baiting door in the side of the fox trap.  The Wiretainers Fox trap is made from galvanized Australian materials made in Melbourne.

Our half height skid based stillages are our smaller unit and seem to be very popular for storing heavy components.  The half height skid based storage unit can be used with pallet racking. Our half height skid based stillages can be made with 4 full sides or with a lift off door, all mesh, or all sheet metal or a mixture of both.

This purpose built laundry trolley is used by numerous commercial launderers around Melbourne and is best used in conjunction with a trolley liner.  We can manufacture the laundry trolley to your specifications and finish using your company colours.

To protect your valuable goods from going missing or to store dangerous goods, Wiretainers manufacture stillages and stackable containers to your specifications that are lockable. Wiretainers can customize your stillages to your size and storage requirements, including choice of materials and paint finish.  We ship our stillages Australia wide

Wiretainers are able to supply you with full or part mesh sheets, in a variety of mesh sizes.

MB1 Mouse Box the most common use for breeding and housing mice. All stainless steel top with Wiretainers plastic base. Bottles, sippers and bungs sold separately.

Pallet Feet (Round or Square). 135mm round cup feet or square cup feet, pressed in 2.5mm bright material.  These stillage cup feet are used on stackable containers.  We also have hot dip gal cup feet, generally in stock. 

Made in a range of sizes for different customers and applications we can design a cage for your product or retail outlet to suit your specific application. We also design the cages to look great so as to promote the enclosed product and to increase sales.

As used by pest controllers the Pigeon trap has two (one way) doors for the birds to push through and comes with a seed tray and release door in the top.

As used by professional pest controllers the Wiretainers Possum Trap is a fool proof method of getting Possums out of your house and into the garden.

RB2 Flat Top Rat Breeding Box. All stainless steel mesh lid and full autoclavable box.

RB2 High Top Boxes (so animals can stand vertical and see out) all stainless steel top and fully autoclavable base. Sippers, bottles and bungs sold separately.

This trap is the smallest one we make but still just as robust as the larger traps. The Wiretainers Rat Trap is a fool proof way to ensure that unwanted rodents leave your house or workplace alive.

Shirt Trolley

Small Strong Trolley with half door

This trap is smaller than the one we have manufactured in the past but we have a feeling it will be even better than the old one. It comes with a release door and will fit in the boot of a standard Australian sedan.

Wiretainers can make stillages to your specifications or we can come up with a solution to easily hold and handle product for storage and transportation.

Wiretainers can make stillages to your specifications.

The Wiretainers standard skid base stillage or stackable container with the strength of skids and the ability to utilise all the space available on the back of your truck or in your warehouse. Wiretainers also custom made stackable stillages to your load and size specifications and in your choice of colour and material.  We ship Australia wide.

Standard cup foot stillage. With a full lift off half drop door it can fit a CHEP pallet inside when open, the pallet will hang over the front by 40mm.

Standard steel pallets are available or can be made to order. Wiretainers standard steel pallets come complete with a sturdy sheet metal deck. (optional 'drip lip' shown in this photo).

Standard or custom made, we supply all types of trolleys to a myriad of different industries.

Made specifically for short term separation and holding of cats. Trays are removable for cleaning and ease of use.

This is an easy to use, robust, heavy capacity 2 position hand trolley that can be used upright (as pictured) or as a flat bed trolley. Customers refer to it as bullet proof, and a great 2 position trolley for heavy duty use.

Highly utilised in the courier and postage industry this is a good solid trolley that is easily manoeuvrable and will take weighty loads.